Friday, October 18, 2013

NEW Scrap Area

OK so I had things all set up nice and neat in my old scrap area that I shared with my kids as our "play area".  Well of course, I had to rearrange things.  I stuck all the boys in one big massive bedroom which was our play area and I took one of their old bedrooms and then all of the toys went into the other bedroom.  The toy room is working really well for my youngest son's ABA therapy room which is some serious awesomeness right there!!  And so far the boys are happy with the bedroom thing.
OK so here it is.
Standing in the doorway looking to the left.  Next photo is panning to the right.
This one is with my back toward the curtains facing the door. 
 And I love love love my new room although I do have a little guilt that I have an entire room all for my junk.  But since my kids actually like the new setup the guilt goes away pretty quick!

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nylene said...

Your room is so pretty and well organized. Looks like it would be so fun to sit and scrap.