Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I know I know.
DH thinks I have an organization obsession disorder. He could be right. LOL!
Here is what it used to look like.

This is the bonus room over the garage. It's "technically" a bedroom because it has a closet but it is HUGE!! So a third of it is my scrap area and two-thirds of it belongs to my kids and their junk...I mean toys. The cube wall is needed to block off my stuff from prying destroying fingers. My area is on the other side.

Here is my expedit. Stuffed to the gills. I shifted it down a bit and consolidated a couple of shorter shelves to make the taller shelf next to it. My goal was to make more work surface. I love to spread out when I papercraft.

SO, here is the more work surface. I love it! The only thing I had to buy was another desktop from Lowe's. I think it was 30 bucks.

More GLORIOUS work surface, LOL!

This set of jetmax cubes butts up against the "cube wall" that holds my kids' toys. I also unmounted almost all of my SU stamps and put them into their DVD cases. It was quite a bit of work but it'll be worth the space savings. For now they are on the top of these cubes. I have a DVD holder for them but I couldn't make it work in the area so I'm not sure what I'll do now.

This had better make it so I can scrap more! I get more done when I don't have to clean up after every project, LOL!!



ScrappnBee said...

Love the new space! It looks awesome! What a great place to create and play! Love it!

A Sarasota said...


Knot said...

I really like your workspace! One question, how did you anchor the "desktop" that you purchased at Lowes to the top of the cubes? I desperately need more deskspace but I can't afford the kind of desk I want. I DO have enough cubes to serve as legs for a desktop, though. Great idea! How did you make it sturdy enough to work on? Thanks for sharing your pics.

kaleidoscopeimpressions said...

Great job on creating your work space! So organized! I love it.