Monday, December 13, 2010

2Peas Organization: Week 15- Inks, Ink pads and Embossing stuff

Week 15 DURING week 15! Yeah! This officially catches me up...for now, LOL!

Here are all of my full sized ink pads. This ink pad holder is made by yours truly.

This drawer (its a 3-drawer unit from Jetmax) holds my cats eye inks (upper left), ink sponges (upper right), Glitter (lower left) and Alcohol Inks (lower right), and my shimmerz pots and various other stuff in between!

Same 3-drawer Jetmax unit holds my distress ink (upper right), Stickles (lower left) and reinkers (lower right).

And this drawer (Jetmax; 1-drawer/1 opening unit) are my embossing items. My most used powder colors are in the little colored containers. My watercolor crayons are also in here. You can that they still have tape on them from when I moved...which is about how often I use them, LOL!

Alrighty! That catches me up. Hope everyone has a great week. Hopefully after the holidays' I'll actually get back to paper crafting.


Staci said...
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Staci said...

Love your ink pad holder. TFS! :-)