Sunday, December 12, 2010

2Peas Organization - Week 13:Stamps

I am actually afraid to count up how many different stamp storage methods I've used. Every time I think "this is IT"'s not and I redo my storage. SO, anyway, my newest method is using the 4-drawer Jetmax units from Michaels for my unmounteds. The colors on the label holder correspond to the colors in my stamp index binder.
I repackage all of my unmounted clear stamps. If a package is taller than 6 inches I cut the package and put half in the front and the other half in the back. Each package has a white backer board and a 6 X 6 clear envelope so they are all uniform. The little pink tabs indicate that I am a slacker and have not put those sets into my stamp index binder (LOL!).
Here are all of my wood-mounted sets. They take up 4 cubes on my Expedit for now. Keeping my eyes out for a better storage method. Again, the colored labels correspond with my stamp index binder.

And here is my stamp index binder. Each set (except for the "new" ones I haven't added yet) is stamped on a piece of printer paper. I try to keep the sets in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Each colored drawer or cubbie has a tab in my binder so each set is behind its respective color.

I'm skipping week 14 since it's crop supplies and I don't keep them seperate.
Week 15 is ink, ink pads, and embossing supplies.

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