Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2Peas Organization: Week 5 - Scraps

Alighty, here is my scraps storage. Here is the link to wookiemouse's blog http://wookiemouse.blogspot.com/2009/06/organize-your-stuff-challenge-week-5.html . Its just a decorative hanging file box I got on clearance at Walmart. I think it was 6 bucks. When not in use it just sits on my Expedit. If I'm actually scrapping I take if off the shelf and put it on the floor since I have to remove the lid. I also like to put my feet on it, LOL!

Here is what the inside looks like. I have my CS patterns seperated by color. I have the yellow and orange grouped together and the pink/purple. I also have Browns and neutrals together. And all of my PP scraps are in one file. I purged right before we moved in June so its pretty empty but there is plenty of room to grow!! I won't let myself outgrow this container. If it gets full...I will *gasp* start tossing! LOL!
(there are some OLD CM letter sticker sheets in the back, those are for my little guys, I let them "play" in my scrap storage...its better than then messing with everything else!)

Although these aren't really considered scraps to me, this is my 6X6 patterned paper drawer. I LOVE the Basic Grey and Cosmo Cricket 6X6 pads to make cards with. I also cut PP down to 6X6 if I know I won't use it on a scrapbook page OR if I've used half of on a layout and know I won't use it again on another layout.
There you have it, excitement at its best, LOL!!!
Have a great day. Next week is...Photo organization - Digital and Printed (and I'm groaning as I even type that).


ScrappnBee said...

great pics! I love the 6x6 storage!!

rmeyfe said...

Looks great!! Mine sits under my desk in an old studio calico shipping box. How's that for organization? :)