Saturday, November 22, 2014

8 1/2 X 11 Project Life 2014

So 2014 is mostly done in 8 1/2X11 divided page protectors.  I picked one style of page protector and am sticking with it all year.  I make traditional full sized 8 1/2X11 pages when needed but I'm finding I like to put more photos of every day life instead of only scrapping the events.  Every day is an event so why not write about it!
Photo heavy!

Friday, July 25, 2014

2013 is finished!

This will be another layout heavy post.  I am done scrapping 2013 which is a little bittersweet.  I'm happy that I'm "only" 6 months behind but I'm also sad.  It won't take me very long to get actually caught up and then I'm kind of out of photos.  I do have other projects to work on, like school albums and some of my childhood photos but those won't take much to finish.
Anyway, in my post below this one about downsizing my scrap area, this is the reason why.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, and I really do not need all of that "stuff" cluttering up my life.  All of my scrapbooking awesomeness was actually hampering my creativity.  I wasn't using even half of what I'd purchased and we are moving soon so I decided to be pretty ruthless in my purging.  I also read a thread on a message board about "What is your end result?".  What?  Well what do I want out of this whole scrapbooking evolution?  *blink blink*  I'd never thought about it until then and then I looked at ALL of my full albums and how much room they were taking up and realized I don't want to have to buy a bigger house to keep all of my albums in, LOL!!!  And I also noticed that my kids look for the photos with themselves included in them, they skip all of the "junk" and they hardly ever read the long journaling.  They don't care what we had for dinner a month ago, how much rain we got 2 months ago, or how cute my shoes were 6 months ago.  SO, I will be printing and scrapping less photos but with more meaningful, short-and-sweet, stories and I will be using less "junk" in my scrapbooks because my kids just. don't. care.  While I do scrapbook for me, I'm also scrapbooking for my kids so their childhoods are preserved. 
And this will apparently be a long-winded post too!  Sorry!  On to the layouts...

Thanks for looking!  Mel

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Downsizing my scrap area. (Picture heavy!!!!)

I've purged, rearranged, and downsized.  I'm so much happier with my area now.  Here is the overview of my space.  I have a 4X4 expedit with a 2X4 expedit stacked on top and the desk attachment.  And I have 4 jetmax cubes holding up the desk top against the wall but only 3 of the cubes are being used. 
Close-ups of some of the cubes:
Albums (turquoise and kiwi) and a die binder; containers of buttons, brads, and my scrap bin; Ink pad holders made from foam core; and PL cards, trimmers, and adhesives.

Up close and personal with the ink pad holders:  I can pull them out when I need an ink pad and I just slide them back into the cubbie when I'm done.
Markers/colored pencils in Crystal Light containers taped together and 6X6 pads underneath; Stamps are in the green and pink baskets; small embellishments are in the notebook and binder, alpha stamps in the little pink drawers; and in the 4 Jetmax drawers that I cut down to fit into the expedit cube are ribbon in two of them, copics, and embellishment packages. 

In depth with the Stamps:  I added a shelf to the cube and each bin looks like the one below.  I separated my stamps by theme and put them on acetate.  Then I cut regular document protectors in half to store the acetate "stamp sandwiches" in. 
 In depth with the Jetmax cubes;  I added a shelf to this cube as well and cut a little off the jetmax drawers to they slide in and out of the cubbie. 

In these cubes are patterned paper; cardstock; Alphabet stickers and thickers in a file box from Target, scoreboard; and EMPTY (I think I'm going to store my sewing machine in this cube)!
Under the desk are items I don't use all that often: The baskets have acrylic paints in one and in the other is heat embossing items.  The bankers box has envelopes and bags.  The white box has finished mini albums and the container on top has extra adhesive.  LOTS of extra adhesive!
I have (3) 3-drawer Jetmax cubes I'm still using.  6 drawers have punches in them and the other 3 have Washi tape and twine; chipboard, decorative brads, and wood veneer; and ink refill bottles, stickles, and glitter.
And if you made it thru the whole post...BLESS YOU!  HA! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Playing catch-up

So, I have been scrapping for the past, ooohhhh 3 months, I just forget to post here because I feel like I'm talking to myself.  Which I can do without all this typing and messing with technology, etc, LOL!
But here is some of what I've done since March.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some more random layouts....

Some layouts from the past month.  They are mostly pocket pages.  I think I'm enjoying the smaller footprint of each pocket.  I can get one pocket done much quicker than and entire 8.5X11 layout.  

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Random Layouts

I participated in an online crop on a message board I frequent and this is what I got done for it!
I scrap 8.5X11 and I mix divided page protectors along with traditional scrapping.

This was a timed challenge...not too shabby!

A card using all kind of texture techniques.  I forgot how fun it was to make cards.

This one was based on a Scrapbook generation sketch, I think.

Sorry about the layout overload.  I know myself well enough that I probably won't post again for a while!  LOL!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I *big fat squishy heart* foam core board.

So it began by looking like this...
After several pieces of foam core board, a few hours, and some hot glue which may or may not have resulted in some colorful language, this is what happened...

All of the drawers were boxes and the drawer pulls are cork tops from some test tubes.

Edited:  Replaced the photo with an updated one!  I missed the green so I added some back in.  Still a work in progress but good enough to some scrapping accomplished!